Friday, December 28, 2012

Head & Shoulders from INFLUENSTER!

A few weeks ago I recieved my vox box from Influenster and I was so excited to get it. I've tried head and shoulders in the past but this shampoo and conditioner is pretty amazing! Its damage rescue and its supposed to restore your hair back to health like put all the moisture back to being healthy. It says on the card that I got that you will see your hair 10x's stronger within 4 washes. But I have used it twice so far I and I see a change in my hair, its alot softer than normal, and much more mangable. I'am very pleased about this shampoo/conditioner and I will have to buy it again once I run out of it. I absolutely love it! i love the smell of it too and it has really changed my hair --- its less manageable and silky and soooo smooth.