Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: NYC Concealer Wheel

Review: NYC Concealer Wheel

i spotted this wheel in cvs the last week and i  picked up this product but didn't use it until recently. It's the NYC Concealer Wheel. I tried looking for it on their website and it's not there, so I am not sure if this product has since been discontinued? I can still find it readily in drugstores in Canada. It sells for $7.99, I got it on clearance for like $3. NYC is a really cheap brand, but some of their products are pretty awesome! i have a lot nail polish, translucent powder, pressed powder, lip glosses etc

i have been obssesed with the concealers recently, I am pretty much willing to try anything. This concealer wheel is cool cause it's a wheel with many colors, each color serves a different purpose. On the back of the packaging it actually tells you what each colour is for so that you use it correctly and this is great for beginners. I have been using the peach colour for under my eyes and the green for concealing redness around my nose. It isn't very creamy, you gotta warm it up with your finger, and it does crease a bit for me. its not the greatest coverage for me since i have really dark circles but maybe for people who dont have pigmented dark circles, it would be great for them! If the texture was better, and it blended better, it would be an awesome product. It really is a neat product to start out with, and great for the price. It def worth a try!

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